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    Georgian Association of Social Workers continues working with the new Board of the Coalition for Children and Youth as a member organization of the Board. At the general meeting of the Coalition, as per the results of the closed voting, the following organizations became the members of the Board:
  •  Save the Children International Georgia
  •  Georgian Association of Social Workers - GASW
  •  SOS Children’s Village Georgia
  •  Children of Georgia - CoG
  •  Partnership for Human Rights - PHR
  •  World Vision Georgia - WV
  •  Partnership for Children - P4C
   We congratulate the aforementioned organizations on the election as Board members and we wish them success in their work.

  Georgian Association of Social Workers conducted two-day training for the staff of the small group home for children with severe and profound disabilities. The training topics included: identifying signs of abuse and providing information on the rights and responsibilities of the subjects involved in the child abuse referral procedures, as well as the principles of working in the multidisciplinary team, distinguishing one another’s functions and developing individual plans.
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  On January 10th, GASW hosted the first meeting of the Social Workers’ Club. The club was established in October, 2016. The administration of the club (Teona Gvalia, Rezo Khvedelidze, Salome Danelia) presented an article discussing motivational social work, particularly, when working with children and resistant parents.
  There was a discussion held on the aforementioned topic among the club members. They shared experience in regards to theoretical and practical knowledge of the technique of “motivational interviewing” and this technique was also discussed in regards to specific cases. At the end of the meeting, participants discussed the desired work format and agreed that the Club’s Facebook page would be created which social workers would freely be able to become member of. The club members will have an opportunity to select one of the topics proposed by the club’s administration which will be prepared for the next meeting. Any social worker may become a member of the administration if s/he expresses willingness to get involved in the administration of the club.
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  On December 17-18th, GASW and Union “Our Children” conducted a meeting/training in Achara region, namely, with the parents of children with disabilities in Khelvachauri raion. The meeting was organized by Khelvachauri municipality and its Youth Center.
  20 parents and several local municipality representatives participated in the training. The meeting participants spoke about the problems of persons with disabilities and the physical, institutional and attitudinal barriers which they face in their raion in this regard. The training participants and the meeting facilitators also shared their experience in regards to the protection of the rights of and advocating for the needs of persons with disabilities and planned the next steps.
  The involvement of parents was so active that at the same meeting, by the initiative of the parents, the Khelvachauri club of the parents of persons with disabilities was established. The club will start working with the support of Khelvachauri Youth Center. The parents’ willingness to get acquainted with each other, to share their needs and experience as well as to work together to achieve positive changes for their children was so strong that the dates and prioritized issues for the next meetings were already identified. These are the issues which need advocacy through mutual support among parents.
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GASW conducted 2-day working meetings for all guardianship and care regional panel representatives of the Social Services Agency. 
During one month a total of 3 working meetings were held. The Following topics were discussed within the frames of these meetings:
  • The existing practice of making decisions related to children with disabilities and factors enhancing efficiency of these decisions;
  • Situation regarding the rights of children with disabilities in Georgia and the role of panel members in protecting these rights;
  • Importance of supporting anti-discriminatory practice and using acceptable terminology towards persons with disabilities; as well as the impact of stigma and factors supporting social inclusion;
  • New model of a service for children with profound and severe disabilities – criteria for placement in 24-hour care, alternative service model, work of a multidisciplinary group, supervision mechanism and factors to consider in the individual development plan;
  • Responsibility of the panel, especially when making sole decisions by panel heads; the importance of utilizing unified approach and understanding the interests, needs and functions of all involved parties;
  • Existing services and problematic issues which require advocacy;
  • Existing professional challenges and ways to solve them.
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