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This webpage is funded by the European Union and Austrian Development Cooperation within the project  “Social Workers in Collaboration for Social Change in Eastern Neighbourhood Countries”  implemented jointly with Hilfswerk Austria International. 

Project Title: Social Inclusion Developing in Adjara Region
Project Goal:
To promote the development of the Disability Policy and social inclusion of the persons with disabilities in Adjara through strengthening capacity of the local government and facilitating a dialogue between the local government and civil society organizations.
  • Strengthening capacity of the Regional Government of Adjara in developing the cohesive disability policy.
  • Strengthen social work capacity for social change 
  • Facilitate the dialogue between the Regional Government and civil society organizations to enforce inclusion of the disability community in developing the Disability Policy
  • Increase awareness about the needs and rights of persons with disabilities through strengthening local media
Target Group: The local government and social workers.
Implemented Period: 2016-2017
Budget:  13936 USD
Donor: OSI Washington
Partner organization: Equal Opportunities Policy and Advocacy Institute

Project Title:
Effective Foster Care Service in Kvemo Kartli Rayons (Rustavi, Marneuli, Gardabani)

Project Goal: Children in Care system are recieving effective foster services in Marneuli, Gardabani and Rustavi.

Strengthen foster childcare system;
Increase social functioning of biological families of foster children

Project Target Group: Foster children (with/out disability), and foster parents hwo live in Rustaveli, Gardabani and Marneuli.

Implementation Period: April 2017- October 2017

Budget:  12481 GEL

Donors: The MClain association for children 

Partner organizations: Our Home Georgia (OHG), Social Service Agency? (SSA), Civil Development Agency (CIDA)

Project Title: Social workers in collaboration for social change in Eastern Neighbour countries

Project goal: To contribute to the social well-being of vulnerable population groups in the Eastern Neighbourhood countries by developing and strengthening the concept of and access to social work in the region through active Social Workers' Associations

Project Objectives:
     The project strives to contribute to the social well-being of vulnerable groups by developing and strengthening the concept of and access to social work. This is achieved by:
A. Fostering the professionalization and enhancing the capacities of Social Work Associations as centers of competence for social service delivery that will, in turn, empower local organizations in rural areas through training / consulting.
B.Strengthening the role of these associations as political watchdogs for social reform processes and advocates for social justice. Also, multi-stakeholder dialogues are promoted on a national and regional level.

Target Groups: 
1. Social Worker's Association in Armenia(AASW), Georgian Association of Social workers G (GASW), Azerbaijan Social Work Public Union, Nursing Association of Moldova ( NARM)
2. CSOs in the field of social work 

Implementation period: August 2015- January 2018

Donors: European Union, Austria Development Cooperation

Partners:  Hifswerk Austria International (HWA)
                  Armenian Association of Social Workers (AASW)
                  Azerbaijan Social Work Public Union (ASWPU)
                  Georgian Association of Social Workers (GASW)
                  Nursing Association of Moldova (NARM)


Project Title: Capacity Building of Professionals for Improving Small-Scale Alternative Services for Children With Severe Disabilities

Project Goal: To ensure appropriate service provision for the service beneficiaries of the Small-Scale Alternative Facilities for children with severe disabilities

Project Objectives:

1.     Strengthen capacity of the service providers for children of the Small-Scale Alternative Facilities for children with severe disabilities.
2.     Ensure Quality service provision for the beneficiaries of the project
3.     Increase Social Advocacy skills of the service providers.

Target Group: children with severe disabilities deprived of parental care, social workers of Social Service Agency, Monitors of Social Service Agency/MoLHSA, Guardianship and Care Council members.

Implementation Period: 2016 - 2018

Budget: 105188.40 GEL


Partners: Save the Children, Breath Georgia, Social Service Agency/MoHLSA, Public Defense Office

Project Title:Improving health and social care accessibility for people with disabilities

Project Goal: To improve the quality of life for people with disabilities (PWDs) through the promotion of equal rights and opportunities, as well as equal accessibility to quality healthcare

Project Objectives:
1.     Eliminate barriers and increase accessibility by promoting awareness of issues faced by PWDs, as well as offering individualized consultation support
2.     Engage Municipal representatives in the process of improving accessibility of PWDs to health and social care services

Target Group: PWDs, Social Workers, Medical Community, Federal and Municipal Representatives of Health Care, NGOs dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities, Mass Media representatives

Implementation Period: 2015-2017

Budget:  36290 GEL

Donor:  Czech Republic Development Cooperation

Partners: Caritas Czech Republic in Georgia, Georgian Health Law and Bioethics Society, Association of Family Doctors of Georgia, MoLHSA Social Service Agency

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