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This webpage is funded by the European Union and Austrian Development Cooperation within the project  “Social Workers in Collaboration for Social Change in Eastern Neighbourhood Countries”  implemented jointly with Hilfswerk Austria International. 

Projects Completed in 2010 Year

Project title: Capacity building of social service workers in Gori and Zugdidi municipalities
Implementation period: 2009-2010
Budget:  17 090 USD
Donor: UNDP

Project title: Developing standards for PWD day care centers
Implementation period: May – Octomber 2010
Budget: 29 329 GEL

Project title: Revisiting the methodology of working with social housing beneficiaries
Implementation period: December 09-March 2010
Budget:  6 443 GEL
Donor: SDC

Project title: Develeping alternative care options for institutionalized children
Implementation period: April-December 2010
Budget:  28 180 GEL
Donor: First Step (UNICEF)

Project title: Training in social work practice for the staff of the child crisis center
Implementation period: June-August 2010
Budget:  3 600 GEL
Donor: World Vision

Project title: Training in social issues of the staff of local authorities in regions
Implementation period: April-July 2010
Budget: 9 260 GEL
Donor: Save the Children

Project title: Capacity Building of social workers emplyed by local authorities on the topic of social housing
Implementation period: March-October 2010
Budget:  27 824 USD
Donor: UNDP