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This webpage is funded by the European Union and Austrian Development Cooperation within the project  “Social Workers in Collaboration for Social Change in Eastern Neighbourhood Countries”  implemented jointly with Hilfswerk Austria International. 

Projects Completed in 2014 Year

Project title: PWD - respected and integral group of community
Implementation period: 2011-2014
Budget: 38370 GEL
Donor: Caritas Check

Project title: Professional Associations for establishing multidisciplinary approach in mental health
Implementation period: 2014
Budget: 4 000 GEL
Donor: G I P, EU

Project title: Training in Motivational Interviewing for Samterdia Boarding School staff
Implementation period: 2014
Budget: 600 GEL
Donor: G I P

Project title: Strengthening community resources for war-affected populations in Shida Kartli
Implementation period: 2014
Budget: 16 940 GEL
Donor: Save the Children

Project title: Advocating for the rights of PWD with PWD - 2
Implementation period: 2103-2014
Budget: 7 600 EUR
Donor: Unity of Blind (UB)

Project title: Enhancing the role of social workers in preventing domestic violance
Implementation period: 2014
Budget: 49 558 GEL
Donor: UNWomen/UNDP